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    Our mission is to challenge the system so that our most vulnerable communities can find comfort in places like this


  • As trainers we help educate and coach people towards their optimization of health. How we do this is by understanding their physical, psychological, sociological and environmental needs. Our role is to help our clients clarify their reasons for looking to make change, support them through their journey by building programs that meet them where they are at and keep them motivated as they ride the waves of their unique personal journey.


    Regardless if clients come in for one on one sessions or group classes, humans are humans and we all crave community and a sense of belonging. Some folks have an easier time accessing that simply because of the bodies they were born into. Research shows that marginalized communities have added layers or hurdles and boundaries that limiting them from receiving these kinds of services and it is our mission, here at The Infinity Movement, to challenge the system so that everyone, even folks from our most vulnerable communities can find comfort in the spaces allocated for building strength, resilience and human connection.


    As an inclusive space, accessibility has been central to us. We make efforts to understand the barriers that have limited people from spaces like this due to being a part of marginalized communities. Being accessible means that all folks are afforded the same opportunities to acquire the same information, services and success as a person who has a life experience that grants them easier access to spaces like this.


    We use trauma informed and anti-oppressive vocabulary, which means that we coach in ways that meet the member where they are at, with curiosity about their unique goals, understanding that many might have had bad experiences in gyms before. We are mindful about harmful communication styles and are continuously working towards removing any kind of racism, sexism, ageism, fat phobia, homophobia and transphobia. We take into consideration the different types of neuro-divergence and mental health of our members and work hard to foster an environment that encourages a sense of bravery, safety and a sense of community and belonging. Although this is a space that is not exclusively queer, our values and beliefs are deeply rooted in the needs of marginalized populations while still being a for-profit business. Our founder, some coaches and many clients are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.
    ...and no, you don’t need to be a part of the community to join in on all the fun. Allies are encouraged and more than welcomed in this space. This is a social initiative, built into a strength and conditioning studio… or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, the community is thriving and waiting for you to hop on in for the ride!
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  • I am absolutely in love with this gym! It's a fantastic place to work out with an amazing non judgemental energy.

    Great place to work out and make friends!


    - Andrea